Trying Something New

Mar 15, 2016

When was the last time you stretched yourself and tried something new?

Clients visited the Meijer Gardens with staff last week. Most of them had never visited the beautiful gardens right here in Grand Rapids. The Butterfly exhibit was full of people because it was a beautiful, sunny day. When they returned the women remarked that they were happy to have gone.  One woman said she had never been to the Gardens before, and that she was planning on taking her grandchildren to see the butterflies once she has completed treatment.  Another client said that she was glad to have experienced having fun in sobriety.  Someone else shared that she would never have gone if she were not at Our Hope, because it would never have occurred to her to leave her house and experience something new. These types of experiences, within the safety of the group, help clients begin the process of discovering, or re-discovering, the simple joys in life -- like watching butterflies!







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