Thank You to the Board of Trustees!

Sep 03, 2014


As a special project this summer Our Hope’s Board of Trustees chose to complete the Healing Garden by adding a privacy fence, two patios, benches and a gravel pathway to the work we did last summer. Now the backyard is a beautiful place for women to process the work they have done in therapy


The staff and residents at Our Hope send out a big Thank You to all those who donated dollars to make this happen.  We are fortunate to have a group of “get it done” board members who are willing to contribute both time and money in support of Our Hope.  A special thanks to Dr. Dave Petersen for spearheading and supervising this project!  This is an example of gratitude in action.

We would like to add a few pieces of appropriate sculptural artwork to this beautiful garden.  If you have ideas about how to make this happen please share them with us by calling 616.451.2039 or email





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