Recent Graduate Spotlight: Julie

Nov 13, 2019

With an infectious laugh and a beaming smile, it’s hard to be believe that Julie was not always this confident. Self-love is a journey and for Julie that journey when she started her recovery at Our Hope.

“I spent my entire life hating myself and picking myself apart,” Julie said.  “I lacked the confidence to speak my mind or even speak up at all.”

Talking down about herself for years, Julie’s self-confidence was badly damaged. Prior to treatment, Julie did not have the confidence to fight through negative thoughts, and she rarely spoke up for herself or expressed her thoughts toward a situation. What if she were to have spoken up, would have been accepted by others? Leaving her questioning whether or not she had said the correct thing. To Julie, the fear of rejection and anxiety had consumed her.

“But now I know it’s okay to be uncomfortable!” She laughed. “I learned that is it completely okay to feel uncomfortable and awkward in a situation. I listen to my body and right away, acknowledge how I am feeling and have started becoming more assertive.” She joked about the phrase, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Agreeing that new challenges make a person grow and acknowledging her growth throughout her time at Our Hope, Julie offered an update to the popular quote.

“Feeling uncomfortable is okay, but we should be telling people that it’s acceptable to feel uncomfortable but safe! If I feel uncomfortable and not safe, we have a problem!” She said as she giggled. “Boundaries are so important!”

Along with many other Our Hope graduates, Julie learned so much from the other women in the house. Sharing a house is one thing but living a house, for 90 days with other women who are entering recovery is its own life lesson, and an impactful one at that.

“I learned to never judge someone no matter what I see; that person is going through something I don’t see. Living with 17 other women is not easy at times, but if I don’t judge that person and realize I can only control me and my anxieties, that’s what really makes me grow as a person.”

Julie continued to explain the personal growth that she underwent and how Our Hope will always have a place in heart. “I am not the same person I was three months ago! I want to be active in my recovery. I want to put myself first and I am putting my faith in God’s hand. I thought Our Hope was going to teach me to be sober, but this program is so much more than that,” excitingly Julie said. “Our Hope taught me empowerment, in the areas of self-discovery, self-love and spirituality.”

As she continues to grow in her recovery, Julie will now have the tools such as self-love and a strengthen faith, that will help her continue the positive path that she is on. We can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next!


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