My Hope -- A Client's Poem

Mar 31, 2016

     Many of Our Hope's clients find it helpful to put their thoughts on paper.  As part of recovery, many find that journaling or writing can help focus the mind and relieve anxiety in addition to being a useful tool in self-discovery.  Recently one of our clients shared a poem about her experience coming into treatment.  She has given permission for us to share it with you.  Enjoy...



My Hope

I walked thru this door

Blackened and blued

My spirit gone

My thoughts subdued


I’ve been beaten down

Broken inside

My heart so empty

Nowhere to hide


This battle is mighty

Powerful and strong

For my disease is with me

Every day all day long


God called my name

He said I’m here

I will help you

Shed your fear


So just take that step

Just walk inside




So with my head held high

Not hung in shame

 I took that step

Thru that door I came


We welcome you

To a new way to live

Its yours for the taking

This is what we give


So I closed that door

Took a deep breath

This is my life

And I’ll accept your gift


This journey is hard

 The struggle is long

If I’m to win my battle

I must stay strong


So now I’m gaining Faith

And now I have Hope

That I can truly recover

For my life is no joke

                                                                                  --S.P. 2016 

Woman with Hope


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