The Gift of a Clinical Internship at Our Hope

Feb 04, 2014

Our Hope Clinical Counseling Intern Breeyn Maxwell

My name is Breeyn Maxwell and I am a Master's candidate studying Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University.  As part of my degree, I am required to complete a Clinical internship at a site of my choosing.

Why I chose Our Hope

One of my professors mentioned Our Hope as a possibility for my internship and I was immediately intrigued by the fact that it is dedicated to serving women.  Set in the historic Heritage Hill neighborhood of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, the building is unique to any Residential Addiction/Alcoholism Treatment facility I had ever heard of.  It's not a resort or a spa, nor is it institutional or hospital-like, it's a real home.  Cozy and inviting, you feel immediately welcome the moment you walk through the doors.  I could not help but bubble with excitement, anticipating the start of my journey as a Clinical Intern.

Rich learning opportunities

Since beginning my internship in September, I have learned a great deal.  The staff members are among the hardest working individuals I have met.  They are efficient, too.  In my short time here, I have nearly mastered the intricacies of documentation and paperwork, facilitated didactic and processing groups with the women we serve and have even taken on a small caseload of clients, all under the supervision of Clinical Manager Erika Oliver.

The Our Hope Difference:  Transforming lives through engagement & compassion

What sets Our Hope apart from their facilities I considered for my internship is the opportunity to truly engage with the women who come and go through these doors.  Every woman we serve has a unique story and there is something to be learned from each of them.  I enjoy being an intern at Our Hope because I am learning much more than how to be an effective therapist.  I am learning how compassion, strength, courage and drive can transform an individual.  These women inspire and motivate me daily to be my best self.  There are few gifts greater than that and I have Our Hope to thank.


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