Do you think you might have a substance use problem?

Nov 08, 2013

We're so glad you found Our Hope!  If you think you might be one of the more than 23 million people in the U.S. suffering from problems related to substance abuse, we encourage you to click here to read this article, "Do I have a drinking problem?" by D. Ryan Hooper, Ph. D. which we found via the very helpful RecoverySI website.

In the article, Dr. Hooper poses several simple, yet very important questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out whether you need help.  We fully endorse Dr. Hooper's questions, as well as the steps he recommends you take based on your answers.  In fact, Our Hope is on the list of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA)-approved Residential and Outpatient facilities the article links to.  We invite you to learn more about our Substance Abuse Programs and Services here or take your time and review the rest of this website.  Of course, we'd love to hear from you!  Please contact us online by clicking here or call our Clinical Offices Monday-Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm at 616-451-2039.

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