5 Key Ways of Dealing with On-Going Stress after Treatment

Apr 17, 2015


5 Key Ways of Dealing with On-Going Stress after Treatment

By Lateesa Smith,

Our Hope Residential Services Specialist & Recovery Coach


It’s overwhelming to leave treatment because you are just beginning to discover yourself. I know from my own personal experience this is how I felt.   This is when the real recovery happens – when you leave treatment.  You’re dealing with life on life’s terms through:

*finding a place                                *transportation                                                *finding a job                    *kids *significant others   *making it to meetings                  *triggers              *consequences of addiction

Here are a few ways I learned to deal with stress after treatment:

#1 Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

With no job, it was hard for me to get bus fare to get to meetings.  I discovered that as long as I got to meetings, people would take me home.  Once I found work, I still had to make meetings around working a job and sometimes that was challenging.

#2 Manage Triggers

Once I got a job I had to have my sponsor hold my money because having cash was a trigger for me.  She helped me open a savings account.  I couldn’t be with my significant other because he used and that was a trigger for me. I would run into old friends and I couldn’t be around them because they were using.

#3 Put Recovery First

I wanted to repair the relationship with my children but I had to work on myself and my recovery first. It was painful to know the my kids wouldn’t speak to me because they were hurt and angry about my behaviors during my addiction.  They stayed angry at me for a long time, but I had to assure them that I had changed by continuing to take care of my sobriety. 

#4 Work with a Sponsor

I had to call my sponsor at least once a day.  I also met with her at least three times a week with completed assignments in hand.  I worked hard to make sure I dealt with the underlying issues that set me up to use.  I really was committed to a new way of life.

#5 Live One Day at a Time

At meetings I shared my struggles so that people could share their experience strength and hope with me so that I didn’t feel alone.  I learned not to get too far out in the future or too far back in the past.  Little by little the fog began to clear and I learned how to deal with stressful situations as they arose.

Life got better and continues to get better One Day at a Time….


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