Guiding women to lifelong recovery from alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions related to these diseases.

Our Hope's comprehensive continuum of services allows us to customize a plan for each woman's unique journey to recovery, meeting her needs at all stages of readiness.

I've tried to stop. I can't do it alone.

Admitting you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, but asking for help probably seems even harder. You’ve taken the first step by coming here, now let us make the rest easier. We’ll support you every step of the way, helping you explore and overcome the pain, discover your strengths and learn that change is possible when it comes from a place of healing and hope. Just take the next step; we’d love to help.

I'm worried about a woman I care about.

If a woman you care about is struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction or seems to be increasingly dependent on substances, you probably feel frustrated, even helpless, that she’s not the wife, mother, daughter, friend or employee she could be. You can’t ignore this or make excuses any more. Since you’re here, you know she can’t get better on her own. You’ve taken the first step to help her. Let us guide you through the next steps.

"They can be free of self hate and finally live the life of happiness their addiction and disease stole from them. " - C.S.
"After having exposure to treatment at Our Hope, women are able to reconnect with society and bring a refreshing insight to a world that they once viewed as hostile. Women from Our Hope are able to live a life free from any mind or mood altering substances" - C.A.B.
"They can be the mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends they were meant to be, contribute positively to their communities, help others to recover from alcoholism and addiction, find peace and joy no matter what external forces they may face." - C.M.S.
"I can honestly say that Our Hope saved my life...I am now able to help other women who have walked the same path...and show them it can and will get better." - H.G.

Stories of Hope


Deb's Story - Every gift helps a woman in need

As a leader in guiding women to lifelong recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Our Hope is in a unique place to help them create the lives to which they aspire. Deb is one of these women.Last June Deb nearly drank herself... read more

I was a "functioning alcoholic" until I wasn't: An Our Hope Board Member's Story

 Until 1996, it appeared I was leading a charmed life—happily married for 10 years to a wonderful man, two beautiful, smart, healthy kids, a successful 16-year career as an Executive at a Fortune 500 Company—and then... read more
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